A Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) is an organisation that works to a local agenda. Members of a CVS vary from very small self-help groups and local charities to headquarters and branches of major national charities. Thus a diverse cross section of the voluntary and community sector is brought together by a CVS to enable members to have a stronger voice, have greater influence and enable other agencies to have the opportunity to consult groups working in their sphere of activity


 A CVS aims to provide practical support as well as representing the views of the local voluntary sector to relevant authorities. They encourage good practice and partnership working both among voluntary groups and between statutory agencies, the private sector and the voluntary sector.


 A CVS forms the only network of locally based community development agencies operating across the wide spectrum of voluntary activity. There is now a CVS in every local authority area in Scotland.



Objectives of Renfrewshire CVS 


RCVS provides assistance and support for new and existing voluntary and community groups operating in the Renfrewshire area. We work with these groups to enable them to provide higher quality, more effective services.


 We promote the tenet that a healthy community is a good place to do business. We encourage local employers to contribute to the work being done by the sector and so benefit from an energised economy. 

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