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Renfrewshire Third
Sector Consultation



Consultation With the Third Sector and Stakeholders in Renfrewshire is a very interesting and informative report that we encourage everyone in the sector to read.



It can be downloaded HERE.





Mapping Report on Renfrewshire's

Third Sector


During 2008/2009 RCVS investigated and mapped the local third sector in Renfrewshire to determine its current scale and scope as well as identify its needs. This enabled us to explore the current and future needs for support services, to influence future plans in the local area and help make the third sector a more thriving, connected and self-sustaining environment.


The full report can be downloaded HERE.


A summary can be found HERE.


To give feedback on the report please go HERE. It’s important for this and future mappings of Renfrewshire’s third to hear your thoughts and views so we ask you to please take a few minutes to give feedback.



Squeezing Every Drop


Squeezing Every Drop: Maximising Third Sector & Volunteering Support Services discusses the findings from a consultation with stakeholders involved in providing or supporting infrastructure services within Renfrewshire.


The interim-report can be downloaded HERE.



Mapping Renfrewshire’s Social Enterprises

and Social Economy Organisations


RCVS was commissioned by Renfrewshire Workforce Plus to carry out research on the contribution of the social economy (SE) to employability in Renfrewshire. Specifically, there was a need to map, assess and co-ordinate the provision of the social economy’s employability services so that individuals have the best support and opportunities to get into work.


The report can be found HERE.


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