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Community Champions


Community Champions is a brand new section on the popular website dedicated to promoting the good work being done by Renfrewshire's charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises.


Each month a different local charity or voluntary group is profiled. The profile provides some background on the Champion of the Month and highlights the good work they’ve been doing to make the local area a better place. New services, upcoming events and volunteering opportunities are also featured.









AgeFest 2011


AgeFest 2011 will be a celebration of older people that everyone can enjoy. It’s about bringing together people of all ages from across Renfrewshire to celebrate older adults and have fun. We’re aiming to make this year’s event even bigger and better and we want YOU to be a part of it.


Join Our Planning Group


We’re looking for people to join the AgeFest 2011 Planning Group. This is your opportunity to be directly involved in the creation of this special event and ensure it offers the best range of activities and opportunities.


If you would like to join get in touch, letting us know what you can bring to the group in terms of experience/skills/contacts etc.



Entertain the Crowds on the Day


We’re also seeking older adult acts and entertainers to perform at AgeFest 2011. Show off your talents and let everyone see what you can do! If you’d like to perform at the event please register your interest with us as soon as possible.


AgeFest 2011 is being organised by RCVS, Renfrewshire Council, Reaching Older Adults in Renfrewshire (ROAR) and Renfrewshire Seniors Forums.


For further information please contact Janis McDonald on 0141 587 2487 or





Social Enterprise Masterclass

DVDs Now Available


DVDs of the A Masterclass In Social Enterprise event held recently in Paisley Abbey are now available. Featuring a talk by world famous social entrepreneur Tim Smit, the DVD is packed with information, insights and discussion points on social enterprise. Anyone who works or has an interest in the social enterprise sector will learn a lot from watching this film. It also makes a great souvenir for those who attended this informative and empowering event as well as those who missed out.


Tim Smit is Chief Executive and co-founder of the world-renowned Eden Project. Our film offers a unique opportunity to learn from this unconventional business leader and discover how he helped create one of the most successful social enterprises in the world, his views on the future of business and why the world needs social enterprise.



Also featured in the film is Graham Bell, Chief Executive of Kibble - one of Scotland’s oldest social enterprises – and award winning business journalist Antonia Swinson, Chief Executive of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition. Together they draw on decades of experience to share their advice with viewers and reveal hard-won lessons.


Click HERE to see an exclusive clip.


RCVS is able to offer copies of the DVD at the low price of £10 which includes P&P.


To order a copy, please send your contact details to:




Airlink Business Centre
24 Clark St




We will then send you an invoice, which will include payment methods. Once payment has been received we will dispatch your Masterclass DVD.


For further information please contact Anne Keir on 0141 587 2487 or




Renfrewshire Council's

Voluntary Sector Strategy 


A report detailing Renfrewshire Council’s Voluntary Sector Strategy for 2009 to 2011 is now available and should be considered required reading for everyone involved in the sector.

They state: “The voluntary sector is a key strategic partner in Renfrewshire, and an important service provider, complimenting the work of the Council and other public sector organisations in meeting diverse community needs.”


The Strategy can be downloaded HERE.


An Action Plan can be downloaded HERE. 





Development of a Single Interface

Support for Renfrewshire


Next year heralds big changes in the way that funding will come to the two main organisations who support Volunteers and Voluntary Organisations in Renfrewshire. RCVS and Volunteer Centre Renfrewshire (VCR) are affected by these changes.

As strategic partners, we have been sitting down together to discuss how to make the most of the resources to deliver services in the future to volunteers, community organisations, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Part of the change requires developing something called a 'Single Interface' where instead of having two separate organisations we make arrangements for much closer levels of joint working or forming some type of joint body.

It is hoped that working together in this way improves how we represent the sector’s views at local and national level, and provide better services, opportunities and outcomes for participants.

As part of this process we want to understand your needs and aspirations to make sure the third sector and volunteering is properly represented within Community Planning and has the local support services which are most useful to you.

Please visit THIS SURVEY to tell us about your organisation's activities and support needs. It will only take a few minutes and we warmly welcome any additional comments.




FREE Report on Renfrewshire's Third Sector


RCVS was funded during 2008/2009 to investigate and map the local third sector in Renfrewshire to determine its current scale and scope as well as identify its needs. This enabled us to explore the current and future needs for support services, to influence future plans in the local area and help make the third sector a more thriving, connected and self-sustaining environment.

The NEW & FINAL report can be downloaded HERE.

A summary can be found HERE.

To give feedback on the report please go HERE.


It’s important for this and future mappings of Renfrewshire’s third to hear your thoughts and views so we ask you to please take a few minutes to provide feedback.





Our Strategy for the Local Sector


RCVS aims to provide support, information, engagement, research and resources for all community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in Renfrewshire.


Our short, informative business plan can be found HERE.





Interested in New Ways of Gathering Information? We Can Help!


Looking to gather valuable information or feedback? RCVS can help you create an online survey – the fastest and most adaptable way to gather info.


RCVS has purchased a license for SurveyMonkey: an online survey tool that enables people of all experience levels to create their own surveys quickly and easily. You’re given complete creative control over the design of your survey and can analyze your results through a range of tools to create reports.


Further information on SurveyMonkey can be found HERE.


Anyone interested in having RCVS help them put together an online survey should contact our Chief Executive Janis McDonald at:





Renfrewshire Infobase 


The Renfrewshire Infobase is a new information service about the voluntary and community services in Renfrewshire which will be easily accessible by everyone.


For the first time, a core information service for the Third Sector will be readily available, providing a comprehensive contact register of all the groups and organisation. Anyone will be able to access the InfoBase over the internet. It will provide up-to-date contact information such as location, services provided, opening times etc. It will also allow for the collation and analysis of reliable information within the sector itself and by public agencies although that information will not be public facing i.e. accessible to everyone.

RCVS are currently gathering the information of the groups and organisations within Renfrewshire to populate the InfoBase dataset. To do this we need to gather information from each of the groups and gain permission to put these details online.

If you are a community group or voluntary organisation based within Renfrewshire and would like to be included in the InfoBase then please fill in
THIS PERMISSION SLIP or alternatively email info@ with the contact details of your organisation.


Any queries please contact Anne Keir on 0141 587 2487.





Mapping Renfrewshire's Social Enterprise and Social Economy Organisations


RCVS’ report on ‘Mapping Renfrewshire’s Social Enterprise and Social Economy Organisations’ is now available.


RCVS was commissioned by Renfrewshire Workforce Plus to carry out research on the contribution of the social economy (SE) to employability in Renfrewshire. Specifically, there was a need to map, assess and co-ordinate the provision of the social economy’s employability services so that individuals have the best support and opportunities to get into work.


The outputs of the research are:


  • Complete report outlining findings and recommendations to partners
  • Database accessible to partners able to be updated annually
  • Network of SE organisations that can contribute to the Employability Action Plan


The report is available in both print and CD formats.


If you would like to receive a copy please contact us. 





Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and East Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Partnership (RIERSEP)


RIERSEP is a partnership of support agencies and social enterprises across Renfrewshire that aims to help the local social economy sector grow and develop.


Further information




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